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Free of charge (contact us by phone,email or post).

Our estimates are intended to be a guide to market value at times of printing.
Reserves are approximately 85% to 90% of estimate.
The starting price in the room will be at reserve, or one bid over the second highest postal/website bid.

Catalogue Prices
Catalogue prices are by SG unless otherwise stated.

Bidding Steps

Up to£50 -   £1,  

£50 to £100  -  £2/£3

£100 to £200 -   £5,

£200 to  £500 -   £10

over £500 -   £20 or at auctioneers discretion.


Buyers premium

A buyers premium of 10%  is charged on each lot.



Postal Viewing
Colour photo copies of suitable lots and single items can be posted on request.

Postal Bids
Postal bids must be in by the Friday prior to the sale. If
in doubt please contact us.
Please ensure words and figures are clear and accurate. 
Please remember to include your postcode.
In the event of two identical postal bids the earliest received will get priority.

Telephone Bids
Are acceptable and can be made to the office on 01752 698089
or on the day of sale up to 1.00 pm - mobile number 0787 0391 730
Please do not telephone the Isca Centre Directly with bids, use the numbers above.

Postage on Lots Bought
Sent by special delivery, depending on weight, size, etc or by individual customer arrangements.

Auction Results
If you wish to find out if you have been successful, please telephone us on the following Tuesday onwards, during office hours. 9am to 6pm

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