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To arrange a free valuation and/or to sell through South West Philatelic Auctions

is easy


In the first instance please contact us by either

email:  or

telephone Richard on 01752 698089.


We can then advise you on how to proceed.




Our usual procedure is as follows:


1.Bring your stamps/coins to us (or we may be able to visit you) and we will value them free of charge.

2.You can then decide whether you want to include them in our next auction or not,there is no obligation.

3. If you wish to include your material in our auction, we will give you a receipt and enter your items into our next sale.

4.7-10 days before the sale date you will receive a catalogue plus a seperate sheet detailing your lots with estimates and the lot no's .

5. 30 days after the sale you will receive a cheque plus details of lots sold and prices realised.


Your collection will be sold to its best advantage, whether intact or broken down, and reserved at 85-90% of estimate.

.We are happy to take virtually anything philatelic.

With 124 Auctions so far successfully handled, you can rely on us to handle your sale effectively and efficiently.


We also can offer Immediate cash settlement if you prefer.

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